Life is moving. Everything is okay.

Thursday 15/10/2020

Life moves all the time. In our minds it might move forward, but what if it just doesn’t have a direction? What if it just moves?

It’s a stressful environment to live in a mindset where we are all the time going “forward”. Or think that we have to go forward. That makes life just a means to an end. What if instead of “moving forward”, life would be just “moving”. No direction needed. The movement is already what is needed. Because since we are made of cells and cells are made of atoms and we know that atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons that are all the time vibrating and living and they are happy like that, why are we making life so complicated by thinking we need to move forward? We are already moving! All the time!

Everything in our body is moving all the time and that’s the purpose of the body, the cell, the atom. 

Why is it then that our mind makes our life miserable every now and then? By making us believe that we are not enough, we don’t have direction, we need to do something different or we need to change? When our whole existence is already happy just being alive? Or maybe it’s not even happy, but just neutral, doing it’s thing, moving. Not forward with a goal in mind, but just moving. And that’s the whole “goal”. Just moving… 

Not moving forward or backward but just making one motion after the other. Because when we really think about it, there is no forward or backward, there is just moving.

Our bodies are wiser than our minds, but we are letting the mind often take over a little bit too much…

Today I am going to stop myself every time I realize I have gotten into the mindset of “moving forward”. I am going to stop and take a breather and remind myself that everything is okay, electrons and protons are circling around the atoms in my body, and I am moving. That gives me peace. Imaging and feeling that the body is alive. Starting from the atoms…

And that is the “direction” I need.

I am moving.



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